Police find meth and baby squirrel in woman’s purse during traffic stop

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Baby squirrel, meth found in woman’s purse during traffic stop

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Police in Glenpool, Oklahoma, say they made an unusual discovery during a traffic stop this week.

Officers pulled over Heidi Kolteryahn for speeding on Sunday, when they found close to pound of meth, plus scales and baggies.

They also found a baby squirrel in her bag, with a dropper of baby formula.

The woman told officers her son found the squirrel as he was working at his tree trimming job.

The Oklahoma Game Warden brought the squirrel to a state certified rehabilitation agent, and arrested the woman for possession of wildlife during a closed season.

The game warden says they won’t prosecute people if they are being a Good Samaritan, but you must contact the game warden office for guidance on how to help the animal and where to bring them.

People without proper knowledge of caring for wildlife can make matters worse through improper care. There’s also the risk of domesticating the animal to the point where it can’t fend for itself in the wild.

Wild Heart Ranch is a licensed animal rescue trained in caring for wildlife of all kinds. Wild Heart encourages anyone who finds an animal in distress to call them for assistance. They advise not to feed the animal or try to nurse it back to health on your own. They will not get anyone in trouble if they call the ranch or bring an animal to them.

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