Police: Postal carrier who crashed mail truck blames dyslexia for failing sobriety test

Credit: Don Murray/Getty Images

Credit: Don Murray/Getty Images

A postal carrier in New Mexico blamed his dyslexia for failing a field sobriety test that police administered after he crashed his mail truck.

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Kevin Brown, 28, ran off the road Dec. 17 and ended up in the yard of a Rio Rancho home, KRQE reported. Police were called to the scene, where witnesses told them that Brown had fallen out of the truck after the accident.

While Brown said that he had swerved to miss a rock in the road, police said they found drugs and a bottle of apple juice that appeared to contain vodka in the mail truck, KRQE reported. When attempting a field sobriety test, Brown told officers that he had dyslexia and didn't know his right from his left. Officers assured him that dyslexia would not cause him to fail the test.

Police never found the rock that Brown blamed for the accident.

Brown suffered minor injuries in the crash. He faces a DWI charge, his second such charge, KRQE reported. The U.S. Postal Service said Brown is not operating one of its vehicles while its investigation is ongoing.

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