South Carolina deputies use suspect's phone to troll him online

Sheriff's deputies in South Carolina used a suspect's social media to help find -- and troll -- him after they said he dropped his phone while running from them.

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On Dec. 28, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office made a post to its Facebook page saying, "Does anyone know Shawn Hagan? (Not asking for a friend) We would really like to return his phone. Next time, secure all valuables before running." The text was accompanied with a screenshot of what appeared to be the following status update written from Hagan's personal Facebook page: "Hi shawn (sic), you lost your phone while running from the police. Contact Berkley county sheriff's office if you want it back.”

The post caught peoples' attention, gaining 2,000 "laugh" reactions and more than 2,600 shares.

The Sheriff's Office made an update post Saturday saying that thanks to tips from the public, 30-year-old Shawn Hagan had been arrested. The suspect had tried to flee police again, they said, but he was caught this time.

Hagan faces charges in connection with the first accusation of fleeing and drug charges. Deputies included the hashtag #DontBeLikeShawn at the end of the post.

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