Ohio, Dayton airports fuel jobs, economy: See how yours compares

Ohio’s 104 public-use airports have an annual total economic output of $13.3 billion, according to a state study.

Across the state’s 88 counties, they generate more than 123,400 jobs and $4.2 billion in annual payroll, according to an Ohio Department of Transportation’s study.

That includes 105,959 jobs at commercial service airports – like Dayton International Airport – which generate a yearly payroll $3.5 billion with an annual total economic output of $11.48 billion, according to ODOT.


Meanwhile, general aviation airports – like Greene County-Lewis A. Jackson Regional or Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport – account for 17,497 jobs, an annual payroll of $688.2 million and yearly economic output of $1.85 billion, the study shows.

Those figures for local airports include:

AirportJobsPayrollEconomic output
Cincinnati Municipal-Lunken Field2,155$96,023,000 $292,896,000
Dayton International11,111$351,576,000 $1,046,730,000
Dayton-Wright Brothers323$10,774,000 $35,874,000
Greene County-Lewis A. Jackson Regional135$3,813,000 $7,764,000
Moraine Air Park56$1,702,000 $6,776,000
Butler County Regional334$12,510,000 $40,591,000
Warren County/John Lane Field116$2,782,000 $13,784,000
Middletown Regional/Hook Field269$6,829,000 $22,251,000
Miami University8$302,000 $913,000
Springfield-Beckley Municipal1,452$78,585,000 $117,191,000
Urbana Grimes Field99$2,018,000 $9,059,000
Wilmington Clinton Field53$1,615,000 $5,770,000
Wilmington Air Park2,567$93,776,000 $174,347,000

SOURCE: Ohio Department of Transportation

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