Nearly 159,000 Ohioans took out licenses to carry concealed weapons in 2016, the largest number since the state’s CCW permitting program began in 2004, according to an annual report from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Ohioans set record for concealed weapons permits

County sheriffs issued 117,953 new licenses and 40,982 renewals in 2016. There were also 1,669 CCW permit suspensions and 697 permit revocations in 2016. Revocations come when someone moves out of state, dies, opts not to hold it anymore, was convicted of a disqualifying crime or meets other conditions.

Ohio’s CCW law went into effect in April 2004 and lawmakers have since expanded the number of places where permit holders may carry their concealed handguns, including restaurants and bars, day-care centers, private aircraft, college campuses if the trustees allow it, and elsewhere. Gun rights advocates also successfully lobbied to close off media access to records on who holds CCW permits and reduce the required training hours.

The program proved popular with nearly 45,500 Ohioans receiving permits in the first year, with Clermont, Montgomery and Butler counties ranking as the top 3 counties for CCW permits that year.

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Here is a rundown on the number of licenses issued and renewed in Miami Valley counties last year.

Butler County: 6,046

Champaign County: 1,200

Clark County: 1,182

Greene County: 3,086

Miami County: 850

Montgomery County: 8,145

Warren County: 3,548