Readers speak up on the federal government shutdown


Re “More lawmakers refuse pay,” Oct. 3: As millions of Americans are being set up to lose their income from job losses and investments hard hit by the government shutdown, there are stand-up politicians and there are the usual self-serving money-grubbers. Thank you Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman for accepting no pay for no work. Shame on you, John Boehner, Mike Turner and Jim Jordan, for grabbing our money and laughing all the way to the bank. Hopefully, the people of Ohio will send the grubbers into retirement ASAP.

As Republican leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner should keep a detailed diary of the conflicts between Democrats, moderate Republicans, conservative Republicans and tea party Republicans. A book giving an honest portrayal of this disruptive period in our history would make interesting reading.

Most fat-cat federal employees need some time off without pay. They are a bunch of pampered, overpaid Democrats. And yes, non-essential. The IRS brass that have been attacking tea party patriots should be put out to pasture permanently, together with the EPA thugs who have put thousands of Americans out of work by declaring CO2 a pollutant. Thugs.

Republicans are counting on President Obama caving in to their demands because they know he loves this country more than they do. They’re willing to destroy this country to get what they want — while they know Obama won’t do that.

With all the news and concerns we have about the shutdown of all our non-essential federal workers, I believe it would be appropriate for us all to know how many of Mrs. Obama’s staff members are determined to be essential or non-essential. This while our World War II vets are trying to visit their celebrated past and observe the sobriety of theirs and our nation’s losses.

If Republicans really thought the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare was going to be the train wreck they say it is going to be, they would just sit back and reap the benefits. They could say, “I told you so,” and win elections for the next 20 years. The truth is, they are scared to death people are going to like it.

President Obama could have prevented this shutdown by demonstrating leadership qualities — which he sorely lacks — by sitting down with the Republican leaders in Congress to try to work out a compromise.

By insisting on adding anti-Obamacare riders to everything they send to the Senate (is it 47 or 48 times now?), the Republicans are committing political suicide. Surely no one could vote Republican after they put us through this latest pointless ordeal.

Anyone with a little common sense, who will pay attention, can easily see that it is the Republicans who are looking out for the middle class, while the Democrats look out for themselves and the next election.

Wise men argue causes, while foolish men decide them. Sounds exactly what is going on in D.C. now. Give it up, Sen. (Ted) Cruz. You’re no more a candidate for the highest office than I am Miss America.

I just love the notion of the Republican congressmen opening up the World War II Memorial so that Honor Flight visitors could get to see it, even with the government shutdown. I think the idea has real possibilities. We could assign two representatives each to work the national parks. Get some of those folks over to the Veterans Administration to help clear up the backlog. And I think some could put on some coveralls and help gas up a couple of F-16s. The possibilities are endless and would prove once again what great humanitarians these folks are.

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