Speak up

The ISIS problem will never be solved until the Islamic states in the area wake up and recognize that radical Islam is a threat to the region, and take active steps to weed out the cancer before it threatens their very existence. And I mean active steps, not merely lukewarm acceptance of Western intervention. They don’t need our “support” and training. If ISIS can train, they can train to fight ISIS. They just need the will.

It is so typical of our politicians to take a knee jerk response to the terrorists. One individual out of the tens of thousands of suffering Syrians that have fled their country is suspected to be a terrorist so we will now close our borders to all Syrians. The terrorists had ties to Egypt and Syria, as well as Belgium and France so are we going to stop them from coming to the United States? The politicians should be working on a way to put a stop to ISIS.

It’s an insane idea to bring in 10,000 so-called Syrian refugees. The cost will be enormous and a threat to our country since terrorists can slip in. GOP state governors are right in shutting their doors.

When listening to Bernie Sanders, it is obvious he is a good and decent man; but his idealism clouds his judgment on many issues. It is refreshing, however, to hear someone on the left who is sincere and genuine rather than disingenuous, dishonest and self-serving even though his pie in sky ideas are impractical.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says we should be like Denmark and have more personal expenses paid for by the taxpayer. Denmark pays practically nothing for national defense because we defend everybody. If they, and many others, paid to defend themselves they’d have a lot less for these other things. America should finally wake up and insist that if we defend your country; you at least pitch in and pay for it. Then maybe our finances could get straightened out.