‘It’s time to throw these bums out’


The Republican-controlled Congress is holding our nation hostage again, hurtling toward financial disaster. With impossible demands and their 41st attempt to negate President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, they are resorting to juvenile, combative tactics to place our country in grave economic peril by shutting down our government. By doing so, they have turned their duty of governance into shameful fraud.

Enough already! They should immediately be fired or suspended without pay for not doing the job they were elected to do. They are more concerned with promoting conservative ideology and being obstinate than representing their constituents and cooperating in bipartisan manner. With such a horrendous amount of work begging to be done, why are they wasting so much time and taxpayer dollars?

They are busy taking vacations, recesses and breaks, but don’t do an honest day’s work in Congress. It’s time to throw these bums out and elect people who are actually willing to work together in solving our nation’s myriad of problems. As citizens and voters, we are sick and tired of all the bickering and posturing in Congress. The 2012 presidential election is over and the people have spoken.

It’s time to move on and seriously get to work for the common good of our nation. CHERIE ROSENSTEIN, TROTWOOD

‘Gun-control laws always fail’

Re “Obama: Do we care enough?,” Sept. 23: According to the article, President Obama claimed the reason his proposed gun-control laws failed to pass is because people don’t care enough about preventing shootings.

I support gun rights because I “care enough” about people. Gun-control advocates support gun control because they don’t care at all.

On Page 2 of the same newspaper was an article about the Kenya shopping mall shooting massacre. Sixty-two people were killed. That’s more deaths than the worst gun massacre ever in the USA. Kenya already has strict gun-control laws. Those laws failed. Gun-control laws always fail. You can’t prevent shootings by making it harder for sane, honest people to own guns legally while allowing criminals and terrorists to own as many illegal guns as they want.

Gun control wastes resources that could otherwise be used to prevent shootings by identifying homicidal maniacs and locking them up. REX TINCHER, KETTERING

Fracking poses ‘clear, present danger’

I find a clear and present danger associated with the continued use of fracking to obtain gas. People should not forget the earthquake associated in Ohio due to fracking, and perhaps also consider that other states have also experienced tremors due to this disastrous extraction method.

There comes a time in a society where the needs of the many, now and the near future, should rise above the needs (excuse me — wants) of the few to make money off other people’s land. The repercussions and consequences of this ridiculous procedure are far too dire for there to be the level of ignorance prevalent on this subject.

Television media is far from providing an unbalanced and factual report. We must impose on our local newspapers to help shed the light of truth on this subject. OMAR SHAR, CENTERVILLE

Speak Up

My husband and I were enjoying a quiet dinner at Red Lobster recently when a complete stranger placed a $25 gift card on our table and quickly left. We’d like to thank them. It was a wonderful surprise. We were celebrating our 50th anniversary.

If the EPA says only 6 percent of employees are essential, this agency should be reduced by 84 percent.

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