TODAY’S MODERATOR: Learning leadership after class

A lot is said about how to create a stronger workforce, in order to boost our area's economic prospects. Last week in West Chester Twp., the Think Regional! coalition of planners, teachers, development and government officials from Dayton, Cincinnati and the CinDay region in between met to talk about how to make it happen.

It was a pretty interesting meeting, with plenty of ideas on how to get schools, chambers of commerce, businesses and colleges all working together to get young people into career pipelines that will get them working and keep them living here.

One thing shared by Dan Schroer, superintendent of Springboro City Schools, was the importance to their futures of getting students involved in extracurricular activities. "It's what's needed them feel like they're part of a team," he said. After-class activities, he said, teach leadership, teamwork, honesty and integrity — the sort of skills they'll need later in the workplace.

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