TODAY’S MODERATOR: Now, drive like everyone’s out to kill you

We got plenty of email about Ohio’s proposed law to cast fines for distracted driving.

This from reader John Miller: "I ride a motorcycle, and was taught to ride with an awareness like everyone on the road is out to kill me. Of course, not everyone is, but because of your vulnerability and lack of protection, it was more a mindset you need to have to enjoy a ride and stay safe. Not long ago it use to be that I only had to worry about the small percent of just bad drivers; the ones that would run a red light or stop sign, or cut me off because they just didn't care. These were drivers that had their head up and looked out the front windshield and made conscious decisions. Today, with so many people preoccupied with their cell phones while driving, I ride literally like 'everyone is out to kill me.'

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“Don’t just blame young adults, because old adults do it all the time, too. Like speeding on an interstate; if the police were able to pull over vehicles just for distracted driving alone, never mind as a secondary offence, they’d spend their entire shift writing tickets.”

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