TODAY’S MODERATOR: Schools can partner with business

We wrote the other day about smart comments Dan Schroer, superintendent of Springboro's schools, made at the recent Think Regional! summit in West Chester Twp. about how to help students learn the "soft skills" employers want them to have. Here's more from the summit.

Schroer also talked about his district’s Business Advisory Council, where educators meet with local business leaders “and they tell us what they’re seeing,” in terms of the job market and how to plug young people into it — hopefully, as a way to keep them in the region.

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Schroer stressed the need to find programs for “the 75 percent of students who aren’t going to go to college,” educating them about opportunities in manufacturing, robotics, logistics and other paths. “We need to educate students about all the careers,” he said, “and get business leaders into the classroom. Never say no to a chamber, a Kiwanis or Rotary club, never say no to a business.” Collaborations are good for the kids in the classroom.

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