Payroll Project: Find out how much Kettering’s top paid employees make

Editor’s note: The Dayton Daily News is gathering payroll data for local governments across our region, as well as state government and public colleges, as part of our Payroll Project. You can search Payroll Project data here.We are gathering payroll data for 2018 and will add it to the database as it is collected. If you have a suggestion for our Payroll Project, email reporter Max Filby at


The City of Kettering paid 384 employees more than $50,000 last year, up from 367 in 2017, according to new salary data in the Dayton Daily News Payroll Project .

The highest paid employee in 2018 was again Kettering city manager Mark Schwieterman, who earned $201,238 last year, payroll records show. Schwieterman’s total pay in 2018 was up from $196,443 in 2017.

Local governments make payroll with your money, which is why the Dayton Daily News has assembled and made available a searchable database of pay for public employees.

Payrol Project data includes city employees who made $50,000 or more, meaning mayor Donald Patterson —who earned $12,000 from the city —is not included in the searchable database.

The five highest paid Kettering employees in 2018 were:

1. Mark Schwieterman, city manager: $201,238

2. Theodore Hamer III, law director: $150,482

3. Steven Bergstresser, assistant city manager: $150,334

4. Jon Durrenberg, fire battalion chief: $149,905

5. Jason Kramer, patrol officer: $148,670

For the rest of the top 10 highest paid employees, check out the Dayton Daily News Payroll Project .

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