Public Salaries: Searchable database now available from our Payroll Project

Credit: Chris Pastrick from Pixabay

Credit: Chris Pastrick from Pixabay

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Using Ohio public records laws or other available resources, the Dayton Daily News has acquired payroll data for area counties, cities, townships and public colleges and universities. Below is a tool to search our data, which includes employees from area governments who made at least $50,000 in gross pay. Gross pay can include overtime, cashed out vacation and sick leave and other forms of compensation. Data varies based on how information was kept or provided by various jurisdictions.

The Dayton Daily News will continue to acquire payroll data for area governments and will update our database. Contact Dayton Daily News reporter Josh Sweigart with questions about the data or to suggest a local government to add.

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  • MAXIMUM RESULTS = 1,000. Try narrowing your search options if you’re getting to many results at once.
  • Values of “$0” indicate either no amount earned for that column or no value was provided.
  • Some searches may take several seconds to complete depending on the size of the results. If you wait longer than 90 seconds, try refreshing the page and performing your search again.
  • On large result sets, sorting the results (e.g. by name, department, base pay, etc.) can take several seconds to complete. Please wait for the operation to complete before clicking again.
  • Note 1: Data in this row comes from the Ohio Treasurer’s Office and does not contain overtime or gross pay. The Ohio Treasurer’s Office posts this note about its teacher and education employee database: “All data contained in this database was provided by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and comes from the Education Management Information System (EMIS), which compiles information from each individual public school district in Ohio. Annual or hourly pay, days worked, hours per day, education level, and years teaching experience are shown as they are reported to ODE by individual school districts, in accordance with reporting standards set in the EMIS manual. These elements may not completely depict actual annual salaries, time worked, or years teaching experience. No benefits are included in the salary data. In instances where a school employee works multiple positions within a given year (for example a teacher who also coaches a sports team), these positions are listed separately.”

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