Payroll Project: See how much Sinclair’s highest paid employees make

Editor’s note: The Dayton Daily News is gathering payroll data for local governments across our region, as well as state government and public colleges, as part of our Payroll Project. You can search Payroll Project data here. We are gathering payroll data for 2018 and will add it to the database as it is collected. If you have a suggestion for our Payroll Project, email reporter Max Filby at


Sinclair Community College spent nearly $82.4 million to pay its employees last year, according to new data for the Dayton Daily News Payroll Project, a searchable database of public employees.

Sinclair had around 2,545 people on payroll in 2018, according to data provided by the school. More than 700 of those employees earned more than $50,000 last year.

The community college paid out more than a combined $5.1 million in overtime to staff and overload to faculty members, according to data received from the school. Overload is a term commonly used to describe extra pay faculty receive for taking on more duties, such as teaching an additional class, among other things.

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Sinclair president Steve Johnson was the school’s highest paid employee in 2018, bringing in $462,077. Johnson’s gross pay for 2018 includes his base salary, a performance-based bonus, a deferred compensation payout and a raise to bring him in line with the average overall presidential compensation of similar community colleges, said Sinclair spokeswoman Deena John.

Johnson’s gross pay for 2018 was up $79,376 from $382,701 in 2014, the year Dayton Daily News launched its payroll project.

“President Johnson’s base pay is believed to be below the national average in comparison to similar sized, large and complex national community colleges like Tri-C, Columbus State and others,” John said.

Provost Dave Collins and chief financial officer Jeff Boudouris were the second highest paid Sinclair employees in 2018, each earning $192,264.

Local governments make payroll with your tax money, which is why the Dayton Daily News has assembled and made available a searchable database of pay for public employees. To see how much the rest of Sinclair's employees earned in 2018, check out the Dayton Daily News Payroll Project.

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