Photo: HANDOUT/Contributed
Photo: HANDOUT/Contributed

UD Police: OSU attack a time to reassess emergency protocols

In a letter sent to the University of Dayton community, police chief Rodney Chatman stressed the effect a tragic event like the attack at Ohio State University can have on all college campuses.

“The effect of this tragedy caused many colleges and universities around the nation to reassess emergency procedures, notification systems, and policies for student behavior,” Chatman wrote. 

Chatman said the university periodically reviews and revises as needed its crisis response protocols. 

Those protocols include “current and best practices in higher education” to address emergencies. 

Chatman said the university’s Department of Public Safety web site lists information on the emergency notification system, campus security programs, reports and services, and protocols for active shooter situations. 

Chatman said other efforts including community engagement, equipment upgrades, and a student cadet program “have significantly improved security on our campus and in the surrounding community.” 

The university’s 2017 spring semester programs about emergency response procedures include self-defense classes, a student police academy, and active shooter training. 

Report any suspicious or threatening activity on or around the campus at 937-229-2121.