From pizza delivery robots, to boozy ice cream, a look at new Ohio laws

Ohio lawmakers passed some interesting legislation in 2017 that has now gone into effect. Here’s a look at some of the oddest actions taken in Columbus recently:

You can now have booze in ice cream

What’s better than ice cream? Answer: Ice cream with alcohol in it. The new state budget will allow liquor permit holders to make and sell ice cream that is up to 6 percent alcohol by volume.

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Ohio liquor stores offering deep discounts on 700 types of booze

Starting Monday, retailers across Ohio that sell high-powered spirits will offer closeout prices on nearly 700 products, ranging from cheap vodka to $100-plus single-malt scotch. The discounts will amount to 25-to-40 percent off the regular retail price.

Officials at the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control have dubbed the discounts the “Last Call” campaign.

It does have its caveats, however.

Not every product that is being discounted will be available at every liquor store. Customers won’t be able to order any of these closeout items because the state says those products will not be restocked.

Click here for a complete list of discontinued spirits.

Sunscreen is no longer banned in schools

Students used to be required to have a doctor’s note to use sunscreen in Ohio schools, not anymore.

Robots can now deliver your pizza

Imagine a world where little cooler-size robots bring you things — including pizza.

These robots are all over Europe and some American cities such as Washington, D.C. also allow them.

Now Ohio has OK’d the use of “personal delivery devices.”

The device cannot weigh more than 90 pounds or go faster than 10 miles per hour.

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