Gov. John Kasich made big news Thursday; here are 5 things we learned

1. Amazon Headquarters. The governor said Ohio will do everything it can to help the city of Columbus land a project that promises to bring up to 50,000 high-paying jobs and a $5 billion investment. Columbus made the first cut and is among 20 finalists competing for the project.

“It’s great that Columbus is in the mix. I mean, some people have described it as a surprise. I don’t. Before we get to the end of this year, we’ll have over 10,000 Amazon employees and just a few years ago we had zero Amazon employees,” Kasich said. “So we have a good reputation with Amazon and we’ll see.”

2. Mary Taylor and John Kasich don’t chat that often but he still supports her to replace him. According to media reports, Taylor has been distancing herself from Kasich’s endorsement of her for governor, saying the two haven’t had a substantive conversation in a year. But Kasich says he still strongly backs her for the job.

“Mary has been a great loyal partner. Look, there are times when she has disagreed with decisions that we’ve made. The reason why I’ve been so strongly for her is she’s been a great teammate,” Kasich said. “She really has been. She has been terrific and I will continue to support her. I think she would make an excellent governor.”

But have the two spoken within the past year? “Yeah, at some point, sure,” Kasich said.

3. State School Board. Kasich again called for legislation to give the governor full control over K-12 education policy, which is now in the hands of the 19-member State School Board.

4. Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. The massive online charter school shut down last week, leaving 12,000 students scrambling to find alternatives. Kasich said he has no plans to intervene in the situation and instead he sent a two-page letter to the State School Board “telling them to get on the stick. You got to make sure these kids can be placed and they should be able to be placed.”

5. Mary DeGenaro, who Kasich appointed to fill a vacancy on the Ohio Supreme Court, is an amateur apiarist. “I was very impressed when I learned she has a hobby in beekeeping. And if anybody were to question her, she knows what it’s like to be stung. I would warn any of those who attempt to put pressure on her that it won’t work,” Kasich said.

In a similar, broad-ranging press conference a year ago, Kasich talked about his new book and whether tax cuts were forthcoming. Here is that story.

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