21 gun bills being considered in Ohio, what would they do?

Ohio lawmakers are considering several gun bills, but Gov. John Kasich is signaling that he may not support them all.

In the wake of the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., Kasich has formed a group to look into ways Ohio may need to change its laws.

Some of the bills expand gun rights, while others would restrict them.

On Meet the Press Sunday, “if I think it’s going to endanger the public, I’m not going to sign it.”

Specifically, Kasich said he won’t sign a Stand Your Ground bill.

“I’m not signing it. Don’t give it to me.”

Here’s a look at where gun legislation in Ohio currently stands:

Current Gun rights bills pending in the Ohio legislature:

HB373 Allow concealed carry weapons permitholders to carry hidden firearms in courthouses and government buildings.

HB228 and SB180 Change the duty to retreat requirements and shift the burden of proof in self-defense cases to the prosecution.

HB201 and SB142 Eliminate the CCW permit program and allow anyone 21 or older to carry concealed weapons as long they don't face other legal restrictions.

HB142 Eliminate the requirement that CCW permitholders disclose that they're carrying a weapon when stopped by police.

HB79 Allow paramedics assigned to SWAT teams to carry weapons.

HB233 Allow CCW permitholders who carry weapons into prohibited areas to only risk facing criminal charges if they refuse to leave.

HB253 and SB208 Allow off-duty police officers to carry firearms in areas that are otherwise prohibited for CCW permitholders.

HB310 Allow elected officeholders with CCW permits to carry weapons in government buildings.

SB234 Bar landlords from banning tenants in subsidized rental properties from having firearms within the unit.

SB81 Change the CCW permit rules for military personnel.

SB122 Allow CCW permitholders to carry hidden guns in the Ohio Statehouse and its grounds.

Current gun restriction bills pending in the Ohio legislature:

HB153 Prohibit imitation firearms that look real.

HB151 Restrict the sale of firearms and require background checks for buyers.

HB305 Require taking away firearms from those prohibited from carrying a gun.

HB33 Mandate safe storage to prevent children from accessing guns.

HB395 and SB 219 Prohibit bump stocks that accelerate semi-automatic firearms' rate of fire.

HB152 Require hunting licenses to say "firearm restricted" if applicant has a felony record.

SB150 Prohibit a domestic abuser from having a firearm.

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