Ohio GOP director’s tax bill reduced, still owes $168,161

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Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Matt Borges learned Friday that his federal tax bill was reduced to $168,161, down from $493,624.

Bob Onda, Borges’ newly retained tax attorney, said the IRS adjusted the bill in October but Borges’ old attorney did not deliver the news to him.

Onda said he will meet with state Department of Taxation officials next week to resolve a $98,397 state tax lien against Borges that is related to the dispute he had with the IRS. The state tax bill will likely be reduced to about $8,500, Onda said.

Onda added that Borges plans to pay off a portion of the remaining $168,161 in federal taxes next week and likely enter a payment plan for the remainder.

Borges is the front runner to become Ohio Republican Party chairman when the party’s 66-member state central committee meets April 26.

The Dayton Daily News broke the story Thursday that public documents filed in Franklin County showed Borges owed $592,000 in state and federal taxes. The liens dated back to 2005. Borges said he disputed the biggest lien — $354,262 — which was the result of the sale of his house in 2007 improperly being reported as income.