Ohio Senate leader under fire for calling opponent ‘gal’ and ‘sweetie’

Tom Patton made the remarks during a radio show.

Ohio Senate Majority Leader Tom Patton is under fire for comments he made about his female primary challenger for an Ohio House seat.

During a radio interview on America’s Work Force Radio, Patton refered to Jennifer Herold as “gal” and “sweetie.”

Since Herold also has two young children, he also made comments about whether she could keep up with the schedule of the legislature.

“The gal that’s running against me is a 30 year old, you know, mom, mother of 2 infants,” Patton said during the interview. “I don’t know if anybody explained to her you have to spend three nights a week in Columbus.”

You can listen to the interview here around the 32-minute mark.

Herold went on her Facebook page to slam Patton’s comments and said he “crossed a line.”

“He questioned my intelligence, insinuating I was not aware of the requirements of the State Representative Position. Mr. Patton also specifically implied that I am precluded from running for office until my kids were adults,” she wrote.

“The decision to run for State Representative is one that my family and I took very seriously when we made it. We realize the sacrifice that is involved in holding such a position.”

Herold also said only, her husband can call her “sweetie.”

“And once last thing, Tom, only one man in my life is allowed to call me sweetie. From now on, I respectfully ask you to refer to me as Jen, Jennifer, Ms. Herold, or your opponent.”

The two are competing for the Republican primary in the 7th House District which covers part of southern Cuyahoga County near Cleveland. Patton currently represents the 24th District in the Ohio Senate. He is running for the House seat due to term limits.