State Issue 1 supporters have big money advantage against opponents

Campaign finance reports filed late today show backers of State Issue 1 are out-raising opponents by a 10 to 1 ratio.

Ohioans are also deciding whether to amend the state constitution to reduce criminal penalties for drug use and possession charges. State Issue 1 calls for converting felony 4 and felony 5 drug charges into misdemeanor offenses that generally won’t carry prison time and plow the savings into drug treatment.

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Backers of State Issue 1 raised $9.8 million, plus another $1.4 million in inkind support, spent $5.8 million and have $4.3 million on hand. Nearly $6 million of it came from out of state non-profits, such as the Chan Zuckerberg Advocacy and the Tides Center. Less than $4,000 came from inside Ohio.

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Opponents raised $1 million, spent $140,044 and have $877,006 on hand. Most of the money came from Ohioans for a Healthy Economy, a non-profit issue advocacy group.


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