What people are saying about Mike DeWine’s run for governor

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced on Sunday that he will seek the Republican nomination for governor in 2018. He spoke as the DeWine Family Ice Cream Social. Here’s what some of the folks there had to say:

Former U.S. Rep. Steve Austria, a Beavercreek Republican

“As far as his experience, as far as being able to address the needs of Ohio, everything from our children and education, which is so important to this state, to the opiate crisis, to understanding as far as businesses, especially small businesses, being the economic engine of this state and making Ohio a great place to live.”

Rev. Thomas Wise, pastor of Valleyview Church in Englewood

“He’s been hinting around for nine months. I’m glad that he finally delivered the baby.”

Kelly Reynolds, 47, of New Carlisle

“I think it’s amazing what heart he has for people that are addicted.”

Joyce Redder, 77, of Cedarville

“He gives hope of a future for the children, for jobs and also for the heroin addicts. It’s good to see that he’s going to attack that.”

Dave Johnson, chairman of the Columbiana County Republican Party

“It’s just great to be here. This is just a Norman Rockwell setting.”

Karen O’Leary Lapping, of Cincinnati

“I’m excited. I hope he can make changes.”

Some of the other candidates running for governor also had some things to say about DeWine

Betty Sutton, Democratic former congresswoman

“There is a clear distinction between Mike DeWine’s priorities and mine on the issue of health care. Millionaire Mike DeWine is willing to undercut the healthcare of everyday Ohioans and take away health care completely from some of the most vulnerable among us, including children, seniors, and the working poor, all the while giving a big tax cut to the top 1%. It is unconscionable. Mike DeWine won’t be affected, but millions of people’s lives will be destroyed. He’s fought the law’s implementation and wants it repealed, despite the fact that more than 800,000 Ohioans would lose their healthcare, and an essential tool to combat the opioid epidemic, provide seniors with nursing care, and help children access the care they need would be obliterated. He wants to roll back the expansion of Medicaid and stop life-time and pre-existing conditions protections.

Jim Renacci, Republican congressman

“Today’s gubernatorial campaign announcement by lifer politician Mike DeWine, whose political career literally launched before NASA’s first Space Shuttle did, marekd more than DeWine’s bid for a fifth decade on the taxpayer dime - it also officially commenced yet another tired round of political musical chairs by Columbus politicians.

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