What you are saying about changes to state tests for Ohio students


Ohio fourth- and sixth-grade students will have to take fewer state tests in the next school year.

A lot of the reaction seen online applauds the change, saying there is too much state testing. But not everyone things the change is a good idea.

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The state budget eliminated requirement for two social studies tests, one for fourth grade and one for sixth grade.

State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria had recommended a broader change — eliminating one of those social studies tests, plus two high school end-of-course exams, and the WorkKeys test for students hoping to earn a diploma via the industry credential pathway.

Here’s a look at what some of our readers think of the changes:

Justin Virgil Seay: Way to much testing going on. Apart from our regular classroom assessments, we only tested once a year in may when i was in elementary school. In high school, we took the PLAN tenth grade year to prepare for the ACT eleventh grade year. Thats it.

Kimberly Houck: The dumbing of America continues.

April Sadowski: Good… we've seen overtesting and underteaching, which isn't a result of bad teachers, but bad legislation

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Nickie Klepper Sattler: In college, we were always taught not to teach to the test. Now teachers have to. What ever happened to doing what's best for our students.

Christopher James Pooler: Just let the teachers teach how they want. Less testing and more teaching. A caring teacher knows best.

Amanda Christian Doolin: This is dumb. They eliminated Social Studies tests for 4th and 6th graders. They should eliminate common core math curriculum.

Darryl L. McGee: How are the tests "Stupid?" Any test which assists with the education of students is not stupid! These tests serve to enhance what the children are learning.

John W. Bryant: Test are not to create learning, they should know enough to pass and test show if they do.I went to a private school and at the end of each course you took a test on the whole year, if you failed the test you didn't pass the course.They are not to help but only to see if you learned the course material.