Airlines offer special discounts to aid customers affected by Hurricane Dorian

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

As Hurricane Dorian stalls over Grand Bahama Island, the storm is also greatly disrupting air travel into and out of Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and the Bahamas, with CNN reporting about 2,700 flights canceled Monday and Tuesday as the hurricane progressed.

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Many airlines are offering special discounts to travelers who have flights to areas affected by the storm, including Delta, American Airlines, Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit, United and Frontier.

Some are waiving baggage fees and pet transportation fees, and waiving fees to change or cancel flights to affected airports.

It is unclear how long flights to the Bahamas and other storm-affected areas will be delayed, particularly as Hurricane Dorian has stalled its progress overnight Monday and Tuesday.

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Here in Dayton, airport traffic appears to be unaffected by Dorian. As of 6:38 a.m., flight tracking website FlightView has listed all departures to airports such as Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia are proceeding as scheduled.

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