ODOT: Slower drivers need to move out of left lanes

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is promoting a new campaign to get slower drivers to move out of the left lane on Ohio highways.

An ODOT spokesperson told News Center 7's James Buechele the department got the idea from the State of Washington who posted signs saying, "Camp in the mountains not the left lane."

The State of Ohio is now putting up electronic signs that say, “Camp in Ohio State Parks not the left lane.”

“I think it’s a good idea but will people follow it. That’s the thing,” said Michael Sanders of Englewood.

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“I ride up the highway every day, like I said up until the last week, there are people that drive sometimes slow in that lane,” he continued.

When drivers cruise or camp in the left lane, other drivers are forced to pass them on the right hand side, which can lead to road rage.

“They will almost clip your bumper with their back bumper almost like a sign of aggression and road rage. I see it a lot,” said Sanders.

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ODOT doesn’t keep statistics on what incidents lead to road rage, but drivers that stay in the left lane can make driving dangerous for everyone else on the highways.

“If they’re going too slow in that lane, then it’s definitely annoying because that’s meant to get around for people and if you’re not allowing that they can get very angry at you I guess,” she continued.

It’s unknown how long this campaign will go on for, but more messages will be showing up for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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