Woman seeks help for deer with zip tie around neck in Cincinnati


Residents in Cincinnati’s Mount Lookout neighborhood have been watching a deer this summer, concerned about a zip tie around the doe’s neck.

Sharon Bonadies said the young deer first showed up in her backyard with the zip tie a few weeks ago.

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“It was close around her neck, but it wasn’t tight and she wasn’t in any distress,” she stold our news partner, WCPO-TV in Cincinnati. “And she was able to come in here and eat and walk over to that fence there and just leap right over.”

Still Bonadies called the Ohio Division of Wildlife, part of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. She was told officials wouldn’t tranquilize the deer to take off the zip tie because it could be risky, and they told Bonadies to call back if the deer appeared to be in distress.

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A couple days ago, the deer did seem in distress, Bonadies told WCPO.

“She was hanging her head and splaying her legs out to try to stand up, and she couldn’t jump the fence,” she said.

Bonadies shot videos and pictures and called the Division of Wildlife again.

The state agency said they sent a wildlife officer to find the deer, but hadn’t any luck. A WCPO reporter found the deer right away, where Bonadies said it was.

The deer’s ribs were visible.

“If we see one that’s injured or in pain, I want to be able to figure out a way to put her out of her pain, whether that’s removing the zip tie or any other kind of treatment, but I can’t seem to find anybody to come and help,” Bonadies said.

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A veterinarian, Dr. Paul Levitas with The Animal Hospital on Mount Lookout Square, came out Monday evening to try to help, but the deer took off through part of the yard without a fence.

“That zip tie came from a human being and not part of nature, and it seems like if we cause it, we should at least take care of this.”

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