7 streets in Dayton with odd names

The variety of odd street names throughout the Dayton area offer a deep look into the local and national history. Here's a short list of the peculiarities and their origins, according to a book by the late Charles F. Sullivan, a historian of the 1940s who compiled a list in 1946 titled The Streets of Dayton and Why So Named.

Air City Avenue, named for the city's aviation history, is one of many loftily-themed names, which include Aerial, Aero, Air, and Airway.

Chickahominy, Chickamauga, Antietum, and Argonne were all Civil War battles and are located east of the Dayton Veterans Administration across Gettysburg Avenue.

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Gummer Avenue is in east Dayton, and was named after Henry Gummer from the Gem City Stove Co.

You would think that Pontiac Avenue would have been named after the General Motors automobile, particularly since it intersects with Carr Street. But Pontiac is one of several Native American Chiefs from the region honored with street names in Dayton, including Tecumseh and Logan.

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Shakertown Road in Greene County runs from the former Watervliet Shaker village that used to exist at the current Dayton Research Park to Alpha, and was named as such.

Watervliet Avenue in Dayton is named for the same Watervliet Shakers as Shakertown Road. Watervliet originated with the New York state location of the headquarters of the Shakers, and the name was used again when a new Shaker village was formed in Dayton.

Feedwire Road in Greene County got its name from the electric feed wire used to power the interurban traction train that ran to Spring Valley, according to the Bellbrook Museum.

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