SWAT expert: Elevated, night-time shooter among ultimate challenges

Elevated shooters in the dark - such as the one suspected in the Las Vegas mass killings - are one of the difficult situations law enforcement officers can face, according to a local police commander.

“That’s probably one of the ultimate challenges for any police officer, because it’s hard to determine where it’s coming from” said Lt. Gregg Gaby, Dayton Police Department violent crimes bureau commander and former SWAT commander.

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“Especially in a city where sound can bounce off multiple objects – like high rises and buildings. It’s just really hard to determine where they’re coming from,” he said. “Also, high ground gives anybody an advantage in looking for somebody.”

Gaby said he returned this weekend from teaching a Patrol Response to Active Shooter Instructor class for the National Tactical Officers Association before learning of the Las Vegas shootings.

More commonly, Gaby said, the term “active shooter” is a misnomer.

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“I think it should be called active killer,” he said. “Because now we’re starting to see anything from edge weapons to automobiles being used also.

Obviously, when you’ve got a mass gathering of people – whether it’s a workplace, a school or an event like this (the Las Vegas concert) - it presents a lot of people that can become victims real quick,” Gaby said. “And it presents targets of opportunity for someone whose wanting to do harm to them.”


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