Timeline: A week of disruption in Fairfield after school threat reported on Instagram

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A man saw an alleged social media threat against Fairfield High School and called the FBI.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Today has been on the forefront of the minds of school and police officials since a social media threat of a school shooting at Fairfield High School was circulated earlier this week.

The threat, which was investigated and police and determined not to be credible, has been disruptive to city officials, police and parents.


Here’s how the week unfolded.

• On Monday, the FBI received a tip that a post in the comment section of an Instagram post threatened a school shooting on Feb. 15, 2019 at "Fairfield High School" in Ohio. The threat did not indicate an exact city. One of the first people to report the post to the FBI was a 20-year-old college student from St. Louis.

• On Tuesday morning, the Fairfield City School District alerted its parents via a rapid notification call. The Fairfield Police Department also put out a statement saying it was investigating the credibility of the threat. The district and police department posted statements on their social media accounts.

• On Tuesday evening, the superintendent of Faifield Local School Distinct in Leesburg, Ohio — which has a Fairfield High School — issued a statement that the Leesburg Police Department indicated the threat originated in Europe. That district was one of several in Ohio with "Fairfield" in the name to investigate.

• On Wednesday morning, the Fairfield City Police Department reported the threat originated in Europe, and the threat was not credible. However, officials say they would maintain a police presence at the high school and other city of Fairfield schools.

• On Thursday, no updates were reported from the schools or the police department, but police maintained its heightened presence at all city schools within the district.