Training program for displaced workers expanded

Intelligence analyst training expanded to serve government, business, police markets

A federally-funded program initially developed to train displaced workers for new careers as intelligence analysts is now available for training police officers, business and government employees, officials of participating organizations said on Tuesday.

Riverside Research Institute, a New York-based nonprofit organization with operations in Beavercreek, developed the course in 2011 to train participants in “open sources” research, which involves finding, analyzing and exploiting information obtained from publicly available resources to answer questions about a given topic.

Local police departments are participating in the one-week-long, 40-hour courses to develop electronic data search and analysis techniques that can be used to combat crime, officials said in a news conference at Riverside Research.

The organization helped found the nearby Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development (ATIC) in Beavercreek, which works with universities, colleges and community partners to offer training for careers in intelligence analysis. The National Air and Space Intelligence Center, a Wright-Patterson Air Force Base entity which gathers information for top U.S. military and civilian officials on aerospace military capabilities of adversary countries, is a key employer of graduates of the training, along with defense contractors that serve the government.

Officials said the new effort to offer the training for law enforcement, private-sector business development, homeland defense and other fields is a step in the Dayton region’s efforts to adapt for civilian markets the technologies and training developed for Wright-Patterson. The base is Ohio’s largest single-site employer with about 27,000 employees and has an annual $5 billion economic impact on the region.

The new training is a partnership of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, Riverside Research, Sinclair Community College and Dayton Development Coalition.

The initial federal funding that supported development of the open-sources training is paying for representatives of 13 of the region’s police departments to undergo the newly adapted training, officials said. Riverside Research has taught two of the courses and will teach two more Aug. 20-24 and Aug. 27-31, then evaluate what the market needs are for future customers who would pay for the training, said Joel Rieman, a Riverside Research vice president.

His company is working with Sinclair and ATIC to include the training in their curriculums once the federally funded training contract has been completed, officials said.

For more information, contact Steve Yantko at Riverside Research, (937) 427-7037.