Trial delayed for suspect in central Florida school shooting

Credit: Marion County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Marion County Sheriff's Office

The trial for a 19-year-old Florida man accused of firing a shotgun inside a Marion County high school has been postponed. It was supposed to start Monday, but the defense said it needed more time.

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In April, a school resource officer inside Forest High School in Ocala arrested Sky Bouche minutes after a student was shot in the foot. Investigators said Bouche sneaked the gun onto campus in a guitar case.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Bouche said on the resource officer’s body camera video. “I wasn’t raised by the right people.”

Bouche is charged with terrorism and five other crimes.

A judge agreed to postpone his trial to give his defense team more time to review all the evidence in the case, including Bouche’s recent phone calls from jail.

“The medication I’m taking now, it works pretty well. It’s a mood stabilizer,” he told an uncle. “Yeah, it’s been helping me a lot. It keeps me real level-headed.”

In one call, Bouche’s mother said, “Well, that's why you did all this, is to go to prison because you thought it'd be fun?”

Bouche said, “No, not really.”

“No, it's not fun, and you had it so much better at home right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

Bouche’s father told him to stay positive.

“Maybe you'll be out by next year. With your lawyer, you gotta see how things go,” he said.

Bouche suggested things they can do as family when he’s out.

“We can go to Disney World or something, or Universal -- something exciting,” he said.

Bouche’s next court appearance is Sept. 5. The student who was shot is doing all right.

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