Turn signal coming to congested Greene County intersection

Relief may be in sight for motorists in Sugarcreek Twp. who deal with long traffic backups on Feedwire Road near the Cornerstone development.

Greene County has plans to add a left-turn traffic signal on Feedwire at Clyo Road, where dozens of vehicles line up during rush hour to make the turn.

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The daily traffic congestion in the area has increased as new homes and new commercial developments have been built in recent years. The left-turn signal at the three-way intersection was included in the re-signalization plans for Wilmington Pike, which was handled by Centerville, and the county is now working with the Ohio Department of Transportation to get the work approved, according to Greene County Engineer Bob Geyer.

“When Clyo Road was completed, and now with completion of Centerpointe Drive off Clyo, there is a large increase in left turns from westbound Feedwire onto Clyo. As a result, they must now wait for a queue to turn, which backs up traffic on Feedwire,” Geyer said.

The traffic back-ups often reach the entrance to the luxury apartment community Waterford at Sugarcreek, which is one of several new housing developments that’s bringing in new residents.

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The cost to add the turn signal was not immediately available. Geyer said it should only cost the county a few thousand dollars, and the funding is already set aside to pay for the project, 80 percent of which is being paid for by the project manager ODOT.

“We are currently preparing timing plans and signal-head plans, which should be done in the next day or so,” Geyer said last week. “I would (think) this could take place in the next month or two, depending on availability of new equipment.”


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