Vehicle license fee: How much goes to pay for roads in your Montgomery County community?

Municipalities receive a portion of permissive revenue that Montgomery County raises on motor vehicle registrations.

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Municipalities receive a portion of permissive revenue that Montgomery County raises on motor vehicle registrations.

Montgomery County Commissioners voted Tuesday to approve roadway projects of more than $2.2 million paid for from municipalities’ share of one vehicle license registration fee.

In 1984, county commissioners provided for 75 percent of the first municipal permissive tax collected on vehicle registrations be returned to municipalities.

Most vehicle owners in the county now pay permissive motor vehicle license taxes of $20, the limit until a new law took effect last June.

Commissioners also set dates for two public hearings required to implement another $5 fee, which would raise annual assessment to $25 for many on top of the base passenger vehicle registration of $34.50 a year.

Here's where some of the money is going in 2018 and what projects are being funded.

Where vehicle license fees go

Seventy-five percent of the first permissive tax collected on vehicle registrations in Montgomery County is distributed to municipalities for road projects. The remaining 25 percent is spent at the discretion of the commmission on bridges and village projects. Municipalities typically save annual distributions until enough money accumulates to fund a project.

MunicipalityDistribution2018 project request 2018 funding request
Brookville$22,469.24Arlington Road bridge over I-70$44,500.00
Carlisle$777.46No new projects submitted 
Centerville$90,295.01No new projects submitted 
Clayton$55,100.42SR 49 resurfacing/curb replacement$251,494.00
Dayton$405,315.38Major roads asphalt resurfacint$1,000,000.00
Englewood$49,412.52No new projects submitted 
Germantown$21,317.72No new projects submitted 
Huber Heights$140,275.95Chambersburg Road Improvement$180,000.00
Kettering$206,576.15No new projects submitted 
Miamisburg$76,495.15SR 741 resurfacing/reconstruction$500,000.00
Moraine$35,748.35No new projects submitted 
New Lebanon$13,605.49No new projects submitted 
Oakwood$33,573.67No new projects submitted 
Riverside$86,800.12Major roads paint striping$166,000.00
Springboro$3,681.92No new projects submitted 
Trotwood$85,014.17Olive Road resurfacing$310,425.00
Union$25,065.65SR 48 asphalt sealing$23,000.00
Vandalia$70,678.89No new projects submitted 
West Carrollton$48,561.71No new projects submitted 
Village of Verona East Main Street improvements$35,000.00
Montgomery County$486,747.08  
Administrative cost$8,759.81  

Source: Montgomery County Engineer

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