Woman's dream home turns into snake-infested nightmare

A Minnesota woman saved money for years to buy her dream home to raise her children. But within minutes of closing on the house, she discovered a slithering intruder.

Angie Whitley told WCCO that she has found approximately 95 snakes in her home over the last six months. Hundreds more have been discovered outside. Pest control experts believe that a garter snake den is located somewhere underneath Whitley's property.

Numerous walk-throughs and a home inspection did not turn up any signs of snake infestations before she moved in, Whitley told WCCO. When Whitley contacted the former homeowners, they said they had rented out the property for the last several years and had not received any snake complaints.

While garter snakes are generally not harmful to humans, that's small comfort to Whitley, who has spent $13,000 so far to eradicate the snakes from her house. The process is continuing.

Credit: Dendron

Credit: Dendron

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