Lash extensions may come with creepy crawlers. Would you trade beauty for bugs?

It's a hot beauty trend, but doctors warn without proper care, you could be harboring unwanted pests in your eyelashes!

How to make sure your eyelash extensions don't come with invisible invaders.

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What’s living in your eyelash extensions? Tiny mites, maybe.

Eyelash extensions have become a popular trend in the beauty industry, but some eye surgeons are warning that they can draw mites if they aren't properly cleaned.

Here are five things you need to know about keeping your eyelash extensions mite-free:

1. BE CAREFUL Eyelash extensions are a big trend in the beauty industry right now. As more salons offer the service, some eye specialists are warning customers -- and the reason is pretty creepy. Eyelash extensions that are individually applied lash by lash by a technician cause a greater risk.

2. WHERE DO THE MITES COME FROM? The microscopic mites live off the oils in eyelashes. Although the mites are sometimes naturally found on the human body, they tend to flock to eyelashes and eyebrows, according to eye experts. Infection can set in if they overpopulate.

3. TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP People who don't change out their eye makeup or clean their eyes before they fall asleep may also be at risk for eyelash mites.

4. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO Doctors recommend patients wash their pillowcases often, and she said those who choose to wear eyelash extensions should use medical grade cleansers containing tea tree oils.

5. THERE'S HOPE The condition is treatable, treatment is time-consuming. Each eyelash must be cleaned with a tool, and patients must undergo three months of after care and take anti-parasitic medication, which can cost more than $300.

Angela Jacobs and Jason Kelly, contributed to this report. 

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