What’s next for Kil-Kare? Close win at ballot lets speedway look ahead

Kil-Kare Speedway officials said Thursday that neighbors likely will not see any signs of a new store and lock business until next spring.

Voters approved rezoning of the Kil-Kare Speedway land in Xenia Twp. by just three votes, according to a recount that was certified by the Greene County Board of Elections on Wednesday afternoon.

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After recounting the ballots, the final, official tally was 617 votes for the rezoning and 614 against, according to Elections Board Director Llyn McCoy, thus allowing the project to move ahead.

“We did not want to spend money until we knew we won,” said Marshall Foiles, partner to Kil-Kare owner David Coterel.

That means surveying work, talking with builders and submitting a preliminary work plan to county officials is up next, Foiles said.

“We are at square one,” he said, predicting breaking ground next spring. “If it is sooner than that, then things just fell into perfect place.”

The narrow margin between those who supported the Xenia Twp. trustees’ zoning decision and those who opposed it was less than half of 1 percent, which triggered an automatic recount under state election law.

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Voters were asked to approve or reject township trustees’ decision to rezone nearly 23 acres near Kil-Kare.

A group of citizens were concerned about other possible activities that the zoning change could lead to and floated the potential for an adult business to locate on the land. That was something Kil-Kare officials said was not permitted nor their intention.

“It was absolute falsehood — you couldn’t do those things there,” Foiles said. “Ask the zoning officials.”

On the May 8 election night, initial results showed that the zoning change was rejected by two votes. However, when all ballots were counted — with four valid absentee ballots and three valid provisional ballots added — it changed the vote total to the final 617-614.

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Foiles said one store and lock building will be built at a time, adding if more as demand dictates.

He said the storage building will offer Kil-Kare “a year-round stream of income.”

Racing season typically is April to October.

“This is a seasonal business currently, and we are trying to add something that is not so seasonal.”

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