Wright-Patt ceremony honors 229 graduates from fall, spring classes

Almost 230 Airmen at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base received their Community College of the Air Force associate degrees May 9 at Kenney Hall in the Air Force Institute of Technology. The ceremony included the graduates of both the fall 2016 and the spring 2017 CCAF classes.

Eight Airmen earned two degrees.

The graduation was open to the public. Friends, family, co-workers and supervisors attended to honor these Airmen on a key milestone achievement in their careers.

Each year, several scholarships are offered that cover costs, ranging from $400 in tuition per recipient to books and supplies.

The CCAF is a federally chartered degree-granting institution that serves the Air Force’s enlisted total force. It partners with more than 108 affiliated Air Force schools, 82 education service offices located worldwide, and more than 1,500 civilian academic institutions to serve approximately 300,000 active-duty, Guard and Reserve enlisted personnel, making CCAF the world’s largest community college system. The college annually awards more than 22,000 associate in applied science degrees from 68 degree programs.

The CCAF associate degree in applied science is one of five career areas: aircraft and missile maintenance, electronics and telecommunications, allied health, logistics and resources or public and support services.

Among the degrees and graduates are:

Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology

Master Sgt. John Rochester

Senior Airman Manuel Stoupis

Aerospace Physiology Technology

Staff Sgt. John McMullan

Master Sgt. Charles Meyers

Tech. Sgt. Michael Pritchett

Tech. Sgt. Adam Tyler

Aircrew Safety Systems Technology

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Chan

Tech. Sgt. Hector Rivera Vazquez

Air Traffic Operations and Management

Senior Airman Adam Hudock

Senior Airman Kevin Partyka

Allied Health Sciences

Staff Sgt. Brian Miller

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Master Sgt. Daniel Duck

Staff Sgt. Christopher Hixenbaugh

Master Sgt. Mark Roddy

Avionic Systems Technology

Staff Sgt. Brandon Palmer

Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology

Staff Sgt. Christopher Cameron

Staff Sgt. Christian Rogers

Staff Sgt. Robert Russell

Staff Sgt. Brian Thompson

Biomedical Equipment Technology

Airman 1st Class Colleen Kaufmann

Senior Airman Alejandra Rothenhausler

Business Administration

Staff Sgt. Dareena Burnett

Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Technology

Senior Airman Benjamin Lucas

Senior Airman Patoomma Ly

Staff Sgt. Kares Maas

Senior Airman Yolanda McGarry

Senior Airman Eric Padro

Staff Sgt. Koree Schoffner

Contracts Management

Tech. Sgt. Eric Burton

Senior Airman Robert Fahrney

Senior Airman Blaine Greenwalt

Staff Sgt. Carlos Ramer

Senior Airman Richard Salter

Senior Airman Isaiah Steward

Staff Sgt. Jerry Watson

Criminal Justice

Tech. Sgt. Esteban Calderon

Staff Sgt. Connor Carson

Staff Sgt. Cameran Castilleja

Staff Sgt. Matthew Cormier

Senior Airman Lindsey Gentes

Tech. Sgt. Lucas Heller

Tech. Sgt. John Hurst

Senior Airman Amanda Juhl

Senior Airman Micaela Mahan

Senior Airman Carlos Mondesir

Tech. Sgt. Deondra Parks

Tech. Sgt. Burt Perry

Staff Sgt. Donald Porter

Staff Sgt. Michael Reed

Staff Sgt. Joshua Reid

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Santana

Senior Airman Shadonta Travis

Dental Assisting

Staff Sgt. Brooke Trevino

Diagnostic Imaging Technology

Senior Airman Mario Fosque

Staff Sgt. Airiel Kratzer

Senior Airman Erin Muckelroy

Senior Airman Erik Villanueva

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Staff Sgt. Ashley Jayawardena

Education and Training Management

Staff Sgt. Jasmine Archuleta

Master Sgt. Michael Stevens

Electronic Systems Technology

Senior Airman Tyler Brinson

Senior Airman Alan Hooper

Staff Sgt. Stephen Massie

Tech. Sgt. Edgar Olivares

Staff Sgt. Jacob Steele

Master Sgt. Mark Strauss

Staff Sgt. Jeremi Welborn

Emergency Management

Staff Sgt. Joseph Miller

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Senior Airman Preston Brooks

Senior Airman Kevin Perdue

Tech. Sgt. Kurtis Stadsvold

Senior Airman Bradley Thomas

Tech. Sgt. Jason Weimer

Financial Management

Staff Sgt. Joel Lavender

Health Care Management

Staff Sgt. Michael Benevento

Senior Airman Brooks Enders

Tech. Sgt. Jason Haskins

Staff Sgt. Ryan Wilson

Staff Sgt. Kellie Anne Wolford

Hospitality and Fitness Management

Staff Sgt. Alex Griego

Tech. Sgt. Ryan Phelps

Staff Sgt. Ashley Sellers

Human Resource Management

Tech. Sgt. Christopher Allen

Master Sgt. David Ames

Staff Sgt. Eric Ball

Senior Airman Stefani Barbour

Tech. Sgt. Jerimiah Baumgartner

Staff Sgt. Jason Beaucage

Staff Sgt. James Beedle

Staff Sgt. Matthew Cotter

Staff Sgt. James Cowart

Staff Sgt. Curtis Creech

Tech. Sgt. Joe Giles

Staff Sgt. Holly Graham

Tech. Sgt. Jason Hamrick

Staff Sgt. Gary Harris

Staff Sgt. Christine Harwell

Master Sgt. Rebekah Hemming

Tech. Sgt. Gloria Henry

Staff Sgt. Christopher Hixenbaugh

Staff Sgt. Amanda Holmes

Tech. Sgt. Clayton Jackson

Tech. Sgt. Michael Jarvis

Staff Sgt. Keissan Johnson

Staff Sgt. Erik Klobe

Tech. Sgt. Vanessa Lambert

Staff Sgt. Anthony Leonard

Tech. Sgt. Ryan Marra

Tech. Sgt. Gilbert Martinez

Staff Sgt. Patrick Mathias

Tech. Sgt. Adrian McPherson

Staff Sgt. Michal Medendorp

Tech. Sgt. Sergio Melendez

Staff Sgt. Kyle Miller

Staff Sgt. Sean Morris

Tech. Sgt. Troy Morris

Staff Sgt. Justin Mulholland

Tech. Sgt. Matthew Nissen

Tech. Sgt. Harold Normoyle

Tech. Sgt. Nathan Orr

Tech. Sgt. Ryan Phelps

Tech. Sgt. David Phillips

Staff Sgt. Donald Porter

Master Sgt. Thomas Rayniak

Tech. Sgt. Earl Reynolds

Staff Sgt. Anthony Ritchie

Tech. Sgt. Hector Rivera Vazquez

Tech. Sgt. Michael Scanlon

Master Sgt. William Schipper

Senior Airman Matthew Snyder

Staff Sgt. Wayne Stambaugh

Master Sgt. Mark Strauss

Staff Sgt. Freeman Tate

Staff Sgt. Jasmine Vance

Master Sgt. Dawn Verdon

Staff Sgt. Lazarus White

Tech. Sgt. Lewis Wilder

Tech. Sgt. Seth Yothers

Human Services

Staff Sgt. Megan Steen

Information Systems Technology

Airman 1st Class Austin Comment

Senior Airman Darryl Dalesandry

Senior Airman Darren Pirtle

Senior Airman Harold Sallee

Senior Airman Rachelle Zallar

Information Management

Staff Sgt. Alicia Hall

Master Sgt. Cynthia Tackett

Instructor of Technology and Military Science

Tech. Sgt. Maribel Alvarado Carrion

Tech. Sgt. Donald Ennis

Tech. Sgt. Shawn Gallagher

Tech. Sgt. Garrett Medley

Staff Sgt. Ryan Melvin

Staff Sgt. Carol Mitchell

Tech. Sgt. Michael Pritchett

Tech. Sgt. Barbara Rucker

Staff Sgt. Nicholas Shands

Master Sgt. Michael Sierra

Tech. Sgt. Tia Strong

Intelligence Studies and Technology

Staff Sgt. Ahmed Adbulrahim

Staff Sgt. William Beglin

Staff Sgt. Kelsea Brackett

Staff Sgt. Jelliz Brown

Staff Sgt. Charles Burgoye

Senior Airman Jerick Caldwell

Staff Sgt. Todd Carter

Staff Sgt. Erin Epley

Senior Airman Andrew Felix

Tech. Sgt. Jason Fosse

Diagnostic Imaging Technology

Staff Sgt. Kevin Fristoe

Tech. Sgt. Thomas Lee

Staff Sgt. Derrick Love

Staff Sgt. Alex Margraf

Tech. Sgt. Brian Mays

Staff Sgt. Stephen McDonald

Senior Airman Benjamin Oliver

Staff Sgt. James Randolph

Senior Airman Jerica Ray

Senior Airman Danny Schul

Senior Airman Michael Slavens

Staff Sgt. Patrick Sordyl

Tech. Sgt. Keith Stark

Senior Airman Edward Turner

Staff Sgt. Colton Wade

Staff Sgt. Donavon Wright

Master Sgt. Thomas Yoder


Senior Airman Brittany Andrews

Tech. Sgt. Jason Damron

Staff Sgt. Erik Klobe

Staff Sgt. Cody Norrod

Master Sgt. Joseph Struthers

Master Sgt. Maryanne Struthers

Staff Sgt. Jailene Valentine

Staff Sgt. Isaiah Vance

Staff Sgt. Sarah Willett

Senior Airman Han Shu Zhang

Mass Communications

Staff Sgt. Matthew Lotz

Mechanical and Electrical Technology

Staff Sgt. Justin Mulholland

Medical Laboratory Technology

Staff Sgt. Erin Beafore

Staff Sgt. Mohamed Bouraima

Senior Airman Gerald Gatlin Jr.

Staff Sgt. Richard McEnhill

Staff Sgt. Anthony Potenzone

Staff Sgt. Brandon Ray

Staff Sgt. Dana Rollins

Staff Sgt. Tina Wolff

Mental Health Services

Staff Sgt. Breana Hart

Staff Sgt. Rebecca Proulx

Airman 1st Class Savion Waters

Staff Sgt. Victoria Witkosky

Nuclear Medicine Technology

Staff Sgt. Joseph Mayers

Pharmacy Technology

Staff Sgt. Anthony Iannicello

Staff Sgt. Robert Tatum Wilder

Practical Nursing Technology

Staff Sgt. Bradley Bussa

Senior Airman Alyssa Castillo

Airman 1st Class Eric Dowell

Senior Airman Daniel Fisher

Staff Sgt. Ryan Gall

Staff Sgt. Rachel Gatto

Senior Airman Kyleigh Hensley

Senior Airman Anthony Jackson

Senior Airman Donitha Musgray

Master Sgt. Eric Natalicio

Staff Sgt. Chanae Norrod

Staff Sgt. Sean Oneill

Staff Sgt. Chelsea Robinson

Staff Sgt. Serger Takhtay

Tech. Sgt. Warren Williamson, Jr.

Public Health Technology

Staff Sgt. Christian Perry

Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Smith

Restaurant, Hotel and Fitness Management

Senior Airman Andrew Mendez

Scientific Analysis Technology

Airman 1st Class John Brennan

Airman 1st Class Eric Brickner

Airman 1st Class Dakota Bryant

Senior Airman Robert Cannon

Airman 1st Class Christopher Kirkland

Airman 1st Class Grant Korol

Surgical Services Technology

Tech. Sgt. Tikkia Carmichael

Staff Sgt. Jonnar Morales

Senior Airman John Shipman Jr.

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