Wright-Patt study uses physical trainers to spur fitness improvements

Fitness is an essential part of any military career. The 711th Human Performance Wing made Master Sgt. Joshua Amoroso’s fitness goals a reality with their 15-week fitness study.

Amoroso found out about the study from a coworker who was also involved. He joined the study expecting an intense 15-week workout program that would further his fitness goals and that is exactly what he got.


The fitness study’s official title is “Effects of Functional Bridge Program on Physical Performance and Injury Status of Military Population at Risk for Musculoskeletal Injury.” It is a 15-week program where participants have the opportunity to work with athletic trainers three days a week and develop individual programs for personal goals.

“My initial goal was to increase my points acquired in the push-up, abdominal circumference and run portions of the Air Force physical training test,” said Amoroso. “As someone who does not know much about using weights I had set the goal to get a better understanding of exercises that I could utilize outside of normal flight and squadron PT sessions.”

Working with the athletic trainers from the 711th HPW made him more accountable for his PT sessions. He was able to push himself during each workout and the trainers helped him maximize each session.

Amoroso said, “The biggest progresses made were to my core strength and overall fitness level. Since joining the study I was able to increase my pushups from around 37 to 49. Additionally I found an improved run time as well as trimming two inches off my abdominal circumference.”

Using the knowledge he gained from the study his goals now are to continue to work out and get an 85 on his next PT test and then continue on to get a 90 on the test thereafter.

“I would highly recommend this study to anyone that is coming out of physical therapy, or that meet the current criteria on their PT test.” said Amoroso, “Just being a part of this study won’t make you pass your PT test, but if you push yourself each session you will see a dramatic change between the you from week 1 and the you at week 15.”

To participate in the study, you must be active duty between the ages of 18 and 55, scored below an 85 on your PT test or were discharged from physical therapy within 6 month then you are eligible for the Function Bridge Study.

For more information call 937-904-9321.

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