Wright State strike: What you need to know from both sides

UPDATE @ 9 p.m. (Jan. 18): Wright State University on Friday filed an unfair labor practices charge against the AAUP-WSU chapter amid an exchange of emails from each side indicating a willingness to begin talking about returning to the bargaining table.

Wright State officials, in the filing to the State Employment Relations Board, accuse AAUP-WSU of committing several infractions, including instructing bargaining unit members to intentionally mislead the university to stop it from staying open.

Rudy Fichtenbaum, chief negotiator and advisor to the AAUP-WSU Executive Committee, said “I don't really want to comment on it until I have had a chance to read through it.

“It really doesn't affect anything at this late date,” he said, noting the faculty union intends to strike Tuesday morning.

“The only way to solve this problem is to return to the negotiating table.”


In recent days, both the administration and faculty union have offered to negotiate a contract at Wright State University.

But, their offers look very different from each other. The faculty union is set to strike at 8 a.m. Tuesday unless a deal is reached before then.

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The union’s chief negotiator reached out to the administration Monday with an offer to relaunch negotiations. The administration made a counter offer that the union declined to take up Thursday.

Here’s a closer look at what each side offered, according to emails between the administration and union.


• Negotiations directly with the administration or with the help of a federal mediator.

• Would withdraw the unfair labor practice complaint if an agreement is reached.

• Would withdraw the labor complaint if the administration agrees in writing to withdraw the terms and conditions of employment implemented by the board of trustees and return to the negotiating table.

• Will not call off the strike until some sort of agreement is reached.

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• Asked union to withdraw the unfair labor practice complaint with prejudice.

• As "a show of good faith," the administration would begin negotiating a successor agreement with the union.

• A successor agreement could be implemented immediately or on June 30, 2020.

• Would not return to negotiating the union's contract that expired in 2017.

• Told the union negotiator to only contact the administration's attorney or chief negotiator and not president Cheryl Schrader or board chairman Doug Fecher.


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