Read what DeWine wrote to President Biden; Top request is more COVID vaccine

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine sent a letter to President Joe Biden two days before his inauguration outlining Ohio’s most critical needs.

At the top of the list of nine points was more coronavirus vaccine.

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“We can deal with most of the other challenges surrounding its distribution, but the need for more is an imperative,” DeWine wrote to then President-elect Biden.

At the end of the letter was a handwritten note that praised Biden’s team and wished the president his best, saying:

Mr. President —

Your team has been great to work with. We appreciate the outreach. We look forward to working with you! My best to you.


DeWine also asked for a national strategy for seasonal/migrant workers; a national television, radio and social media campaign on the importance of getting the vaccine; an extension of federal funding for Ohio National Guard COVID-19 missions; greater flexibility with how states and local government can use federal COVID relief funds; an extension of temporary Medicaid support; significant federal investment in public health infrastructure for state and local health departments; and broadband solutions to bring internet access to people in underserved areas or barriers keeping them from being able to connect.

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