10 sinfully delicious dishes at Dublin Pub

When it comes to Irish dishes, the Dublin Pub's kitchen team and menu lead the charge. Dub Pub has several traditional dishes and offers other interesting mash-ups. There's a lot to love about the Dublin Pub and the food it serves. Here are 10 things in particular that you don't want to miss.

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Credit: Allegra Czerwinski

Credit: Allegra Czerwinski

Dublin Pub Cheese Fries, $9.99 

These are some of the tastiest fries in the world. Thick, crunchy wedge fries topped with a generous medley of applewood smoked bacon, white wine reduction and mixed cheeses. It's the kind of tasty you know a good doctor would encourage you to stay away from.

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Reuben Cracker Bread, $10.99 

Flatbread topped with mashed Irish potatoes, white wine reduction, applewood smoked bacon, mixed cheeses and corned beef.

The Ruck, $10.99 

Smoked beef brisket, bacon, house-made Guinness BBQ, sautéed onions and cheddar cheese on a pretzel roll.

Celtic Pastrami, $9.99 

Tender sliced pastrami served cold on toasted rye with Whisky Mustard, crisp bacon, fresh spring greens and tomato.

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Angry Irishman, $12.99 

This burger is topped with ghost pepper cheese, Hell's Belle's hot sauce, fried jalapeños, half and half onion straws and Jay's Creole dressing.

Chicken O' Brien, $13.99 

Grilled chicken breast stuffed with Irish rashers and Irish cheddar, served with Corn O'Brien (corn, green onions, red peppers, Irish rashers) and topped with a lemon-dill reduction.

Guinness Beef Boxty, $13.99 

Crispy potato pancake served atop slo-roasted beef tips, celery, carrots, onions, mixed cheeses and Guinness gravy.

Shepherd's Pie, $13.99 

Sauteed Angus ground beef, ground lamb, vegetables and Guinness gravy mixed with cheese and potatoes.

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Fish and Chips, $12.99 

This is the restaurant's No. 1 menu item with more than 15,000 of these dishes served up a year featuring beer-battered cod, wedge fries, slaw and tartar sauce.

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Jameson Whiskey Chops, $19.99 

Two hand-cut pork chops marinated in Irish Whiskey served with mashed potatoes and Guinness gravy.

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