‘A very good night’: Father, son both celebrate 300 games on the lanes on the same night

A perfect ball, an impassioned scream of “let’s go,” and a skyward fist bump, Austin Ferguson had something to celebrate.

After a decade on the lanes, the Dayton bowler had finally posted his first 300 game. Ferguson had been close before – with a 299 a couple of years ago – but, this time, there was no stubborn 5-pin denying him.

“This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done,” the 24-year-old said. “I’ve been hungry for this since my 299.”

For Ferguson, bowling and family go hand-in-hand as he dedicated the 300 game to his mother, Stacy, who died two years ago. And he rolled the perfect game surrounded by family as he bowls with his dad and siblings in the TGIF league at Marian Lanes.

“Once he threw the ninth one, I just had a feeling he might get this,” his dad Butch Ferguson said. “He had eight in a row the Wednesday before, but this seemed different.”

Butch advised his son to simply “take a deep breath” after the 11th strike. Austin finished the game the same way he started, with a solid strike.

“It was very special having my family there, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way,” he said. “I only wish my other sister could have been there.”

Ferguson’s solo celebration was short-lived as two games later, dad got in on the act as Butch rolled a 300 game as well – his 21st. Austin finished with night with a 300-206-198 – 704 while Butch posted a 214-247-300 – 761.

“Honestly, it was more exciting for me to watch him get a 300 than for me to get one,” Butch said. “I enjoy Friday nights immensely because I get to bowl with my kids but this was a very good night.”

The patriarch – who, at 55, has been bowling for half a century – considers himself fortunate to bowl with his sons Alec and Austin and daughters Amber and Amy, who alternate bowling based on work schedules. Austin, the youngest, is thrilled to have family bragging rights as the only one of the Ferguson siblings to have rolled a 300 game.

“I’m the first one of the kids, but probably not the last,” he said. “But I am very proud of myself.”

Alec and Amy have both been close to scoring 300 games.

“I look for both of them to get one,” Butch said.

For now, however, little brother can enjoy his bragging rights and work on his next bowling bucket list item – an 800 series.

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