FILE - In this Sept. 10, 2017, file photo, Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson talks with quarterback DeShone Kizer
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Adam Jones: Browns’ problems don’t fall on Hue Jackson

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is defending one of his former coaches.

After the Bengals beat down the Browns, 31-7, on Sunday, Jones argued that Cleveland’s struggles don’t fall on coach Hue Jackson.

“As people know I’m a fan of Coach Hue,” Jones said, via The Athletic, of his former team. “I know you say they’re getting a lot of talent, but I don’t know. From watching today and watching film, I probably shouldn’t say this but it’s going to be hard to win with that group. I’m just saying all-around football, I don’t know if Hue has enough to win.”

Jones continued to defend his friend, saying he’d go anywhere with him.

“He only can get so much out of the group that he has,” Jones said. “I was with Hue when he was with us. He’s one of the guys that you would ... if we had to go to Iraq right now and he had to pick friends to go, I would [go with him] because I know what type of leader and person he is.”

If the Browns players feel similarly, that’s a good start. But Jackson needs to start winning or it won’t matter who likes him.