LeBron James: Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki ‘one of my favorites’

Cavaliers forward LeBron James said during the most recent "Road Trippin' with RJ (Richard Jefferson) and Channing (Frye)" podcast that Mavericks great Dirk Nowitzki has "always been one of my favorites."

During the podcast, the hosts Jefferson and Frye both talk about their experience with Nowitzki, including Frye getting burned by the veteran for 32 points when Frye was a rookie getting his first start.

James had some of the best things to say about Nowitzki.

“I love him,  both on and off the court,” James said. “He seems so cool. I never got the opportunity to be around him, but he just seems like one of the greatest guys ever. ... Just being a historian of the game, if you’re able to have guys in our league who have a staple shot or a staple move that people take from you, and they say, ‘I got that from that person.’ Obviously, the one-legged fade away is one of the most unguardable shots this league has ever seen.”

James and Nowitzki have some history on the court, as Nowitzki averaged 26 points and 9.7 rebounds per game to lead the Mavericks to a win over James’ Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals for the franchise’s only league title.

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