Site strikes out by ranking Ohio 48th among 50 states

This doesn’t have much to do with the Reds, Bengals or sport, but folks dialed into all of the above need to cross-train their brains, and when skittering near a . . . site . . . thing . . . sewer . . . that ranks Ohio as the No. 48 state in our nation, every Buckeye has to go into full boo-bird mode, right?

Kevin Alexander and Matt Lynch of "Thrillist" wrote that the Buckeye state stinks based on "contributions to America . . . think inventions, food/drink, somewhat productive famous people, unique physical beauty, etc.," but they clearly didn't bother researching against their criteria.

Let's see; Ohio has produced eight presidents, tying Virginia (though there could be debate if you read between lines), and never mind that former astronaut Neil Armstrong (Wapokoneta) was the first human to step on the moon, or that Thomas Edison invented light bulbs after dreaming in Milan.

What about the fact that John Glenn of Cambridge was the first American to orbit Earth? All he did after that was become a U.S. senator.

For Pete (Rose's) sake, Tim Conway is from Willoughby and graduated from Bowling Green State University!

Anybody ever hear of a guy named LeBron James?

What must these guys have been thinking? Did they not consider that Gen. George Custer was from New Rumley, Ohio, or that actress Doris Day was from Cincinnati, nor that actor Clark Gable grew up in Cadiz?

Moving beyond the geographical beauty of the Hocking Hills, bountiful farmlands and the gourgeous touches of Appalachia in the southeastern part of the state, shoot! The greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus, is from Columbus.

🏌🏽#theopen #jacknicklaus #standrews— Nicklaus Companies (@NicklausCo) July 15, 2017

Entertainers Dean Martin (Steubenville), Paul Newman (Cleveland), Steven Spielberg (Cincinnati) hail from Ohio.

Dayton’s Erma Bombeck was one of the great, and first, epic humor-columnists, and Kettering’s Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson. You know, BART SIMPSON!

You want muscle?

General William Sherman, who burned down Atlanta during the Civil War (not to say that was a good thing, but the Union Army did win) was from Lancaster, before Hwy. 33 ran through the joint. One of the greatest Native American chiefs, Tecumseh, came out of Oldtown, wherever that was.

General Custer? OK; can we’ll pass on that for now? RIP Little Bighorn.

Trigger-happy sharpshooter Annie Oakley was from somewhere in Darke County, presumably not far from Greenesville.

Seeking heighth?

Judy Resnick (Akron) was one of the first women in space.

Again, LeBron (Akron) anyone?

So agents of change matter?

How about U.S. presidents William Henry Harrison (born in Virginia, but living outside of Cincy in North Bend when elected), Ulysses S. Grant (Point Pleasant), Rutherford B. Hayes (Delaware), James A. Garfield (Moreland Hills), Benjamin Harrison (North Bend), William McKinley (Niles), William Howard Taft (Cincinnati), and Warren G. Harding (Blooming Grove)?

Those guys turned in mixed tours.

Garfield was assassinated after six months in office, and Harding had a rough run in D.C. before dying of a heart attack halfway through his first term, but, hey, they were from Ohio!

And don’t forget about senator Glenn, nor activist Gloria Steinem (Toledo).

Speaking of North Bend, by the way, three-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Dan Stubblefield came out of that joint, too.

When you take your next flight, think about the fact that the Wright brothers were Ohioans, too.

The inventors of flight, remember that the inventors of your plane were Ohioans. Wilbur Wright was born in Indiana, but he and brother Ovrille (Dayton) spent the bulk of their lives in Dayton and did the bulk of their work there.

So, nevermind actors Martin Sheen (Dayton), Halle Berry (Cleveland), Anne Heche (Aurora), Sarah Jessica Parker (Nelsonville), Burgess Meredith (Cleveland) or Drew Carey (Cleveland).

Just focus on Charles Kettering, who invented the automatic starter for automobiles, you know, so you don't have to stand in front of your vehicle and hand crank the thing to get it going? He was from Loudonville and camped in the Dayton area for much of his life.

Oh, and the only two-time winner of college football's Heisman Trophy, Archie Griffin, was born and raised in Columbus and still lives there.

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