Coffee break: Mesoraco’s grand slam almost, kind of/sort of leads the way and makes you wonder

OK, so you’re out of coffee or too lazy to make some and you have to run to one of those places which may or may not serve you promptly, so you deserve a smidgen of good news to blow that frown off your face.

Who’d have though Devin Mesoraco might brighten your day?

Before you fly out of the abode, check this, which may be as good a piece of news about the Reds as you’ve seen in 10 days or so.

The Reds have surely been making your head hurt and you're certainly miserable about their starting pitching crud. Yet, even after they were blasted by the Nationals in a four-game sweep that was one of the worst in franchise history after Monday's 6-1 loss, Mesoraco offered cause for optimism with asterisks.

Now with AAA Louisvile on a rehab assignment after straining his surgically-repaired left (non-throwing) shoulder, Mesoraco has in  past two seasons not come close to approximating his breakout All-Star season of 2014 season. He's been saddled by a Game of Thrones-like siege of hip and shoulder injuries.

But he banged a big one Monday night for Louisville. That was Johnny Bench stuff,  albeit coming in an 11-8 loss to dreadful Syracuse.

Sorry this won’t completely salve the misery of what’s going on with the Reds, but a grand slam is a big deal at any level.

Mesoraco, whose 2014 season was an All-Star thing of beauty, might help you start day dreaming.

By the way, Mesoraco has done this before.

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