Davis exits dunk contest with groin injury

Wright State’s Steven Davis received a perfect score of 40 from the judges in the first round of the NCAA Slam Dunk Contest on Thursday night, but he injured his groin on his second attempt of the second round and was unable to finish.

Davis’ first dunk came with some help from WSU assistant coach Sharif Chambliss. Standing a few feet behind the baseline, Davis ran toward the rim from behind as Chambliss bounced the ball off the back of the backboard. Davis grabbed the ball in mid-air and delivered a two-handed slam behind his head.

After the fan voting was figured in, Davis’ first-round score of 49.8 put him in third place heading into the semifinals. But he came up lame after landing following a miss when he tried to cradle the ball low and deliver a windmill slam. Davis made a second attempt but missed again before limping to midcourt and calling it quits.

Georgetown’s Rodney Pryor won the contest, while East Tennesse State’s A.J. Merriweather was the runner up.

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