Archie Miller covers his eyes during a game against Virginia Commonwealth on March 1, 2017. David Jablonski/Staff
Photo: David Jablonski - Staff Writer
Photo: David Jablonski - Staff Writer

Dayton Flyers recruits react to departure of Archie Miller

New coach, whoever it is, will have to work to keep five-man class

Miller’s decision to take the head coaching job at Indiana jeopardizes an important five-man recruiting classes that he put together. Athletic director Neil Sullivan said he reached out to the players — McKinley Wright, Jordan Davis, Jordan Pierce, Nahziah Carter and Matej Svoboda — on Saturday but didn’t give details about what he told them.

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Four of the players have signed national letters of intent. Svoboda was expected to sign in April. The players reacted to the Miller news on Twitter. Wright found out the news hours before playing in the Minnesota 4A state championship game Saturday night with Champlin Park High School.