Coronavirus: West Carrollton postpones next 2 football games after positive test

West Carrollton lost at Fairborn on Friday night Sept. 4, 2020.

Credit: Marcus Hartman/STAFF

Credit: Marcus Hartman/STAFF

West Carrollton has postponed its next two football games after a member of the team tested positive for COVID-19.

“We had an individual that did test positive,” West Carrollton communications assistant Janine Corbett said Tuesday afternoon. “They were able to trace that to off campus, but just as a precaution of course they are not playing for the next two weeks and we’re working with the health department following the appropriate protocol.”

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Dan Suffaletto, public information supervisor for Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County, confirmed the department had been in contact with the school.

“It is possible to contract COVID-19 while playing sports, especially contact sports, and continued precautions should be taken by those who participate,” he said. “Those include wearing a face mask when not actively playing the sport, keeping a safe distance from others, washing your hands frequently and not sharing water bottles or cups.”

Corbett said she did not know when the test was administered or when the two-week quarantine period officially started, but the team will not be practicing.

The Pirates were set to play at Sidney this week and host Xenia the following week, but West Carrollton director of athletics Evan Ivory said those games will be made up after the playoffs.

Sidney has already rescheduled this week’s game and will host New Richmond instead.

Xenia is in search of a Week 4 opponent.

The Pirates lost at Fairborn 45-32 on Friday night after dropping their opener at home to Stebbins on Aug. 28.

They are scheduled to play at Butler on Sept. 25 and host Greenville on Oct. 2.

The playoffs are set to start after that, but teams that are knocked out are allowed to schedule more games if they choose.

Fairborn director of athletics Kevin Alexander said his team will not have to quarantine so the Skyhawks' game at Tippecanoe is still set for Friday night.

“From the information I received from the West Carrollton athletic director, I took that to the Greene County Health Department and we talked through it and basically from the timing of symptoms of the positive test, we’re just going to continue our symptoms check this week,” Alexander said.

League policy dictates temperature checks on game days, but Fairborn will check temperatures prior to every practice this week.

“Just to keep a close eye on all of our kids and make sure everyone is doing good,” Alexander said. “We have self-assessments for symptoms prior to all our practices.”

Xenia director of athletics Nathan Kopp said the Buccaneers will play the Pirates in Week 9.

“We knew there was gonna be a good chance of disruption (at some point in the season) and we were willing to pivot so we were able to move West Carrollton to Week 9 so we are still able to play them since they’re in our league and more specifically in the division,” Kopp said.

That will replace a non-league home game Kopp tentatively had scheduled for Week 9, so he is hoping to find a Week 4 opponent who will travel to the “City of Hospitality” in Greene County.

“I’m looking around right now and want to make sure who we play is a good fit for us and for the team we’re gonna play. My preference is a home game, but I just sort of just have some feelers out there right now and we’ll also see who might get canceled in the next couple of days and then maybe I can pluck who they were gonna play for Week 4 if it’s a two-week thing like West Carrollton has.”

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