Hurricane Ian: Ohio State football coach Ryan Day expresses concern for storm’s impact

In a regularly scheduled online press conference, Ohio State football coach Ryan Day shared the program’s concern about the impact of Hurricane Ian on the state of Florida.

“We talked to the team about it yesterday and just wanted to make sure that I mentioned the fact that what a tough couple days for a lot of people in Florida,” Day said. “A lot of thoughts and prayers for so many people down there. We go through our day to day here, and it goes from game to game, but to see some of the devastation that’s gone on, people’s lives turned upside down, gives you a lot of pause. So thinking about all those folks down there, certainly for the people that were affected close to our family, and we’re gonna try to do everything we can to help them.”

ExploreOhio Task Force 1 mobilizing additional crews for Hurricane Ian relief

Ohio State has five players from the Sunshine State — cornerback Ryan Turner (Hollywood), safety Kye Stokes (Seffner), long snapper Mason Arnold (Tampa), defensive end Kenyatta Jackson (Hollywood) and kicker Noah Ruggles (Odessa).

Day said Stokes’ parents are first-responders who will be helping the cleanup effort in the Tampa area.

“It’s not just the the nuclear family — it’s close friends, relatives, coaches, family members,” Day said. “So there’s a few folks being affected. We haven’t heard of anybody in life-threatening situations at this point, but I know communication in some of those areas actually isn’t great right now, so we’re gonna kind of keep an eye on it the best we can.”

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